One Subject at a Time Congress!

If you’re anything like me, you find your head about to explode over some of the legislation that our Congressional leaders turn into law. I’m not sure if you know, however, that a good bit of very unconstitutional legislation actually slips through Congress attached to bills in no way related to the subject at hand. Basically, these are called riders. They are amendments which can be added to the bill up for vote, yet are most often completely unrelated to it. This is how Congress passes unpopular legislation. They tack it on to bills that Representatives and Senators are afraid to vote against.

Did you know that the Real ID Act was passed this way as well as legislation to end online gambling? Is the argument for this practice that it speeds up the legislation process? Are we to believe that without riders, Congress could actually do a worse job than it’s already doing? If you ask me, the passage of legislation should be slowed down. I am a fan of the quote, “That government is best which governs least.” If Congress is going to abuse the power to amend legislation after it is created and violate the Constitution, then the people have the right to take that power away from them (as well as strip them from their Congressional seat). is trying to do something about this detrimental practice, but they need our help. They are trying to get the One Subject at a Time Act turned in to law. This act would make each bill that comes to a vote about one subject only as well as outlawing misleading names, such as the PATRIOT ACT. In order to get this passed they need you to pressure Congress. Their webpage offers an easy way to ask Congress to pass the legislation. Let’s work together to make a change in Washington! Please go to their webpage and read their proposal. Afterwards, send Congress a message telling them that riders are a practice abused to the point of extinction.

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