One year ago today, Ron Paul’s 1st YAL event!


What a year it has been since Ron Paul made his first-ever YAL appearance, at Wake Forest. So much has changed, has it not? Who would have ever imagined over 1,300 people would have turned out to an event completely outside an election cycle, on a campus of only 4,500 students?!

Not even Ron… I remember him inquiring to Jeff Frazee: “You think we can get a couple-hundred students there?” Ron is so very humble; by no means did he expect to see a line that wrapped completely out of site to enter the event at Wake Forest.

The theme of the event, in tune with the day itself, was simple enough: LEGALIZE FREEDOM.


Since one year ago, YAL groups all over the nation have hosted Dr. Paul–not one event to my knowledge has turned out less-than 1,000 attendees.

Keep it up folks; when Ron says there is a revolution brewing on our college campuses, that’s all of us! YAL is to be commended for the efforts and how much we have grown in this one year.

Don’t forget to check out our video too–it lays out how to pull off an event of this size. Knowledge, surely, is more important than the date itself. Educate yourself this 4/20:

Know how to win; know how to mobilize people, watch below. (Just listen to the roar of the crowd when Ron finally enters the stage–such a reaction and crowd would have been impossible without proper organization).

April 20th is often known for other reasons; but, for us here at YAL, 4/20 marks the beginning of the implementation of the

P.S. – You can watch the event in its entirety here.

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