Open House Opening up Opportunities for Future Members at North Carolina Wesleyan College

On November 18th, 2017 we were asked by the school to participate in an open house. We were welcoming, to the campus, new students who have already applied and were accepted We hung out at our booth and talked to various incoming students who said they didn’t really get involved in politics. However, we spoke to them about how college is a wonderful time to begin an involvement in the political realm and that our club was a wonderful and perfect place to start due to the diverse political philosophy amongst the members of our organization. We has 6 incoming students sign our sheet for more information and we will be sending out an introduction letter to them that will include information on who we are and what we do on campus. We hope that this outreach will help these deciding students become full-on members. Overall, this was a success for YAL at NCWC.

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