Operaton #FreedomPhoto

Recently at North Carolina State University we started a new project to recruit people into our YAL chapter called Operation Freedom Photo. We set up our table in the Brickyard as usual, but with a twist: we had prepared signs for people to take pictures with using our fancy camera.


With so many having their picture taken, they were definitely around for a few minutes, and attracted attention. Several times, a crowd gathered around the table to see what it was about. We had a variety of people sign up as a result.


We had over 30 pictures taken that day, often with more than one person per picture. Most of them signed up for the club, and even more came by that were interested. Most importantly, we posted all these pictures on our group’s facebook page with the hashtag #FreedomPhoto.

Girls - Police

By using a high quality camera, people really enjoyed having their picture taken. This innovative approach really livened up our usual tabling and spring recruitment drive. Unfortunately, for the next week and a half or so, it rained and we got no pictures, as people didn’t want to stand out in the rain, and the boards were getting wet. Regardless, this method will definitely be incorporated into NC State’s future recruiting methods.

Nice People

All in all, we’d call our spring recruitment drive a success from this perspective. Many more people on campus know what Young Americans for Liberty is and what it stands for. Hopefully, we can continue these efforts in the next few semesters.

Girls - War

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