Opposing ALL forced wealth transfers is key to achieving societal peace

Though President Obama will almost certainly carry out a large-scale human rights intervention in Haiti, I still hope the US government decides to play no role whatsoever in response to the tragic earthquake that ravaged that country.

It is immoral to redistribute wealth by force en masse, even if one calls it “foreign aid” or “disaster relief.” As Mary Ruwart points out, and the miserable record of foreign aid to develop 3rd world countries confirms, utilizing immoral means leads to a bad ends.

Human beings can do so much better than this sort of thing. In a prosperous society without institutionalized aggression, imagine how much more willing people would be to give money and help others. Instead of lazily concluding that the government would take care of the poor, and that they had already done their part by paying taxes, responsible, decent people would, upon achieving success, feel an obligation to directly help poor countrymen AND foreigners.

Incidentally, though the liberty movement is one of individualism, a more unified, tolerant society would undoubtedly result from our victory. By getting people to realize that the entire regime is illegitimate, we can uphold the non-aggression principle and destroy politics as we know it. In a society bereft of divisive political debates and legal coercion, think about how much more creative energy would be avaliable to move forward objectively good causes like feeding the hungry, housing the homeless and lending a hand when disaster’s strike poor countries like Haiti.

Promoting the libertarian vision would also do well to bridge cultural gaps in America. Most people are not busybodies, and the only reason why a counterculture gay dude in San Francisco and a homeschooling evangelical in Little Rock fear each other is because they are worried that the state will coercively transpose the “different” person’s set of values on themselves. Denounce any legislation of morality, along with all violations of the NonAggression Principle, and watch society flourish to new levels of tolerance, productivity, morality, and generosity.

Ayn Rand summed it up best: “I am interested in politics so that one day I will not have to be interested in politics.”

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