Opposing views on the Holocaust Museum shooting

The recent events at the Holocaust Museum are horribly tragic.  Unfortunately, as always in politics, partisan hacks are trying to turn this event into an opportunity to enhance their own agenda.  For instance, Michael Rowe at the Huffington Post has proven all too well that he is absolutely submerged in partisan hackery.  He takes the opportunity not just to create a straw man version of conservatism which he then bashes, but also to emphasize the dangers of free speech.  In a recent article, he writes:

There was a time when decency, even honor, was an essential part of the American dialogue in its most ideal form, and part of its very identity. There was a time when our culture would have recoiled in horror at the vituperation flowing unchecked from radios, televisions, and the Internet, instead of applauding it as “common sense,” “free speech,” or “mavericky,” or “a spin-free zone.”

…There is no Environmental Protection Agency to measure hate pollution in national dialogue, and no mechanism in place to warn us when the poisonous rage spewed into the national consciousness by shock-jocks, poisonous television pundits, megachurch leaders, and oh-so-subtle politicians, has reached dangerously toxic levels.

No, there is only the result: widows, orphans, collective grief, and an absolute refusal on the part of our loudest, coarsest voices to take any responsibility for their part in the carnage.

In contrast to Rowe’s charges, Campaign for Liberty Editor-in-Chief Anththony Gregory argues that this is hardly the time to be railing against “right-wing extremists” or calling for moderation in the “national dialogue.”  Instead, he shows how the Holocaust Museum incident says nothing of the “right wing,” specifically speaking on the recent Department of Homeland Security report about “right-wing extremism.”  In a recent article, he writes:

…many commentators have found a political, even partisan, lesson to be learned. They have said this vindicates the Department of Homeland Security document circulated earlier this year that warned against “right-wing extremists.” Specifically, they have said that those who criticized the report were wrong all along…

…If any political lesson is to be taken from the shooting on Wednesday, it is not that those concerned with protecting individual liberty and limiting government are the problem in our society. It is not that the DHS report is in fact beyond harsh criticism. There will always be sick minds in the world. Occasionally, a crazed killer will act out of hatred and commit a violent crime, and the seriousness should not be minimized. But the way to actually prevent such attitudes from gaining ground is to hold up the opposing ethic of individual rights, dignity and respect. The only way to make sure such madness never translates into nationwide or global horror is to keep political power constrained.

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