Organizational Tips for Preparing for the Fall Term

The Student Liberty Front had a very successful spring quarter at Drexel University and would like to share some helpful hints for other YAL groups and other organizations looking to follow the same path when preparing for the fall term!

1.  Set themes and stick with them

For the spring term, our executive board selected a theme — economics — to use for every meeting and event that we were to organize.  The reasoning behind choosing this theme was that economics is the foundation to the ideas of liberty and it was important to educate members.  We ended up handing out Bastiat books, protested Tax Day, participated in the Philadelphia End the Fed protest, watched movies, hosted Peter Schiff at Temple University, and had meetings strictly on topics in economics.  We wrapped up our term with a speech given by a member of the Philadelphia community, Michael Salvi, on a topic related to the future of the economics of liberty. 

2.  Use national organizations’ resources

YAL has a number of resources to provide to official YAL groups, including free books, tabling kits, conferences, high quality training from organizations like the Leadership Institute and American Majority, and even the possibility to bring big name speakers like Ron Paul to your campus.

Prior to a few of our meetings, we have been showing Students for Liberty webinars to our group.  This is a great way to listen to a prominent speaker and even have a Q&A opportunity without paying for speaker fees and going through elaborate planning. 

Other national groups which offer resources include the Advocates for Self Government, the Ayn Rand Institute and Cato on Campus.

3.  Have your members give presentations

For the past 4 meetings, we have had Student Liberty Front members give presentations to the group as our meetings, rather than have the executive board lead discussions each and every time.  We start off our meeting with talking about events and any news and then we break into a speaker presentation, typically by PowerPoint, and then open up the meeting for a discussion.  We have even been filming our meetings and they are all available on the Student Liberty Front website as an example.

4.  Be creative

You definitely want to have a creative event that is not only unique to your campus, but something the entire liberty community will want to imitate.  Sit down with your executive board and hash out ideas for your next inspirational and successful event.  Come up with a few ideas and then pick the most feasible and cost-effective choice.  Try to cater your event to concepts that stretch beyond the ideas of liberty, possibly into pop culture, to reach a wider audience.  Especially keep in mind that in the fall, freshmen will be searching for their identities and organizations to join at organizational fairs and other welcome events on campus. 

5.  Follow through

If you have a new member sign up list, make sure to email then as soon as you can with information about your group and upcoming events.  If members want to get more involved, be sure to keep in touch with them and give them as much motivation as possible.  Respond to any potential speakers in a prompt manner to ensure the date and time of your choice and to respect their commitment to your organization.   When it comes to working with the staff of your university, return paperwork in a timely manner.  Be organized and you will have better success!

Best of luck when preparing for the upcoming term!

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