OrgFair Fall 2017

At the University of Cincinnati, there is an organization fair every fall semester the day before classes start.  This is when every student organization on campus gets to promote themselves, primarily to incoming freshmen and sophomore students.  We’re talking a few hundred organizations.  Starting off, we were already getting sidelined by the SAB (Student Activities Board, they organize the event).  Instead of giving us a full table, they made us share tables with another club, the UC Gun Club (started by one of our members).  This wouldn’t have been a problem if not for two important factors.  The first, to my knowledge, we had always received a full table at the org fair.  The second, and more important factor, the other three primary political organizations on campus received a full table.  Both the College Republicans and Socialist Students (a new organization on campus) have significantly more members than us, so that could be understandable.  However, the College Democrats received a full table as well.  This is objectionable because not only do they have no membership, they were hardly active during the Fall 2016 semester and really only existed to campaign for Clinton.  Also, they were not active at all during the Spring 2017 semester.


With all of that said, we had an incredible amount of sign-ups this year.  Nearly 200 people signed up for our weekly mailing list; something we will soon be greatly improving.  Part of this may have ironically been due to being paired with the UC Gun Club because many of the people signing up for them also signed up for us.  With bottled water, we were also able to attract random people walking by as it was a very hot day.  Our charming group of members also didn’t hurt.  Through the given circumstances, our chapter was able to accrue record interest this year and thus able to further spread the ideals of liberty and freedom.

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