Orwellian Freedom in California: Guns

On December 14, 2012, Adam Peter Lanza using a semi-automatic rifle opened fire on student and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. It was a tragedy by any measure and it took most of the nation by surprise. The result of this shock has been a rash of gun and ammunition laws that have all but made owning a firearm useless.

The State of California is one of the most aggressive perpetrators of gun restriction legislation. Last month, the State Assembly passed AB711, which would require the incremental ban of lead-based ammunition for hunting purposes in the state. It is currently in the State Senate awaiting action. What this would effectively accomplish, over time, is ban lead ammunition in the State.  Good luck finding other types of ammunition.

State Senators Steinberg, Hancock, De Leon, Jackson, Block, Wolk, and Yee have also introduced a slew of anti-gun measures that restrict firearm ownership beyond any reason.  Their list of legislation includes SB374, SB47, SB396, SB53, SB567, SB683, and SB755.

These measures would close the so-called bullet button loophole, limit the legal ammunition capacity to a 10-round fixed magazine, require background checks to buy ammunition, require a firearm safety class, and even classify certain shotguns as “assault weapons.”  In essence, the Democrats in the California legislature are working on destroying the Second Amendment of the Constitution in that state, and they are doing a damned good job.

The worst of this legislation focuses on the ammunition.  Not only are they pushing forward legislation to make lead ammunition illegal, but they will be requiring a yearly background check and an annual license renewal of $50 to purchase it. I ask, if you have a right to possess an object, do you not inherently also retain the right to access to the parts that make it work?  Not if California gets its way. Unfortunately, I do not have any faith in my state government to stop this. I foresee Governor Jerry Brown signing each of these into law to applause and flashing lights as freedom fails in California.

The Golden State is working on mastering Orwellian Freedom. You can own a firearm, you just cannot own one worthy of its intended purpose or the ammunition to make it work…but you can own a firearm!  Just like in Oceania, you have the freedom of speech…but only as long as it is within the bounds set by the government.

We have to be sure that we do not allow ourselves to lose our rights to what some would like to consider technicalities.  They are not — they are infringements, plain and simple. There is a higher point here than preserving the Second Amendment in California. We have to secure our rights at every level or they will be eroded away completely by overbearing government entities.

Firearms will soon be essentially illegal in California.  How long until it will be illegal for you to question that law?

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