Ospreys Reaffirm their Rights & Hear from Jim Lark

On the week that the Constitution turned 226 years old, YAL at the University of North Florida celebrated by having a large Constitution on campus where students had the chance to do their best Benjamin Franklin impersonation and sign the Constitution!

Getting her James Madison on and signing the Constitution

Students were open to hearing a brief history of our Constitution and signing it to reaffirm their rights. Many of them were aware that our rights are eroding away due to an ever- expanding centralized government. We told them that YAL is the only student organization on campus that stands up to the big government policies of the Democrats and Republicans, leaving the partisan politics far, far away.

Jim Lark with a few YAL liberty lovers

We passed out scores and scores of Constitutions to students. Constitution week was a great segue  into our next event that we held the next week, which was a speech on Constitutional government from Jim Lark. This event was really informative from a great scholar like Jim Lark. Students who attended this took away much about the Constitution than what they would learn from any government run school. We had a great time showing students that the Constitution should matter more to them now than ever before!

Reaffirming his Constitutional Rights

Large Constitution

Jim Lark speaking

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