OU YAL continues its fight for private property rights!

On February 15th, the YAL chapter at Ohio University went to a meeting for the Athens City Council in which they discussed several issues relating to the welfare of our city. Among them were a heavily divisive issue over the city council’s building of a new pool as well as the legality of operating an Air BnB in ones home.

At the meeting, four members of the OU Young Americans for Liberty spoke on behalf of Abe Alassaf, who reached out to us last semester for support in this issue. We have joined with OU Students for Liberty, whose members also came to speak at this meeting. We’ve also partnered with GenOpp, a non-partisan and non-profit organization out of Columbus which supports issues inordinately affecting young people.

This time around, our statements gathered a flurry of media attention. Within the same week, our members’ comments appeared in two campus newspapers. Some of the newspapers included The Post and the New Political. Both newspapers expressed sympathy for our stances and respected our ability to stand up for them. 

We hope to continue to have the Ohio University YAL chapter represented more vocally on our campus and in our community.

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