OU YAL defends the Constitution

Our YAL chapter started off this semester with very little membership since being founded in January. With internal divisions and an unsympathetic campus, we were poised to fade into irrelevance, making little impact and operating as largely a sham.


Almost four months later, with a successful Free Speech Wall and an entirely and revitalized exec board, we have nothing left to do but expand. On a campus almost unanimously in favor of Bernie Sanders and socialism, we have established ourselves as a open-minded group acting as one sole blip on the radar standing for the classical liberal values foundational to this country. These include diversity, as we support a wide range of opinions from socialist-leaning to conservative to anarchist. Also included would be ingeniousness, as we expand our network here to include issues and causes individuals can become passionate about. We fully recognize that the typical libertarian message does not apply to everyone, thus, we expand and diversify our network to harness the energy of individuals who care about positive reform, be it in criminal justice, drug policy, immigration, the environment, etc. From losing much of our membership and with only a small group, our YAL chapter has exceeded expectations and will continue its work to bring personal freedom to our campus.

We appreciate what YAL has done for us so far and will keep up the good work with the support we’re given.

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