Our First Activism Project — Stepping into the World of Liberty

Students participate in pin the drone on the warzone activity.

This past week the Marshall YAL Chapter had our first every activism project on campus. I am proud to say that it was a success!

We set up our table in the Memorial Student Center and the Pin the Drone on the Warzone activity caught the student bodies eye. We had students who were amazed to learn that more then Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan were being affected by our presence in the Middle East. Our pocket Constitutions went like wildfire and soon we found our table surround with people ranting about issues.

It was lively and I was so happy to sit back and listen to two or three conversations between the students and our members.  I am happy to announce that after discussing it with several students more than one came to the realization that the agreed with our ideals of liberty more then they initially thought. Overall we got more than twenty people to sign up for our interest meeting, which was the following Tuesday. 

Met some other impressionable college students tonight at Roosters who initially made us mad as wet hens, but we soon realized w

The following Tuesday we held our interest and follow up meeting too the Generation of War activity. We were happy with our turnout and it gives us hope for larger groups in future. The duration of the meeting included a PowerPoint about out cause, a lively debate about the table, discussions of upcoming events, and a brainstorming for our April activism project.

When the meeting came to a conclusion, we all wanted to continue our lively discussions so we all went out as a group to a local restaurant, Rooster’s. During the meal, a table behind us overheard our discussions and made several comments which were sarcastic at best. Choosing to ignore this, we continued with our meal.

When we were close to leaving the men at the table asked us to explain the difference in little “l” and big “L”. We did so, and explained what the group was as well as what our ideals of liberty were. We were surprised to find that the agreed with everything we said! They were huge supporters of Rand Paul and apologized for calling us “crazy liberals.”

This just goes to show that by simply having a conversation next to someone you can change someones mind or way of thinking. I think that after that dinner we have a few more West Virginians who support the ideas of Liberty.


Yours in Liberty,


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