Our first month at Becker College

Located in the middle of semi-safe residential Worcester, Becker College is a small private college that attracts mostly gaming and nursing students. A month ago I set out to start a chapter of YAL at a school that is most famous for good game designers and its extreme political apathy. I knew from the beginning it would be a challenge, but with a full heart I set out hopeful to begin a political revolution on campus. First I rounded up my three best and most politically knowledgeable friends and made them my cabinet of advisors.

Deciding that we should get equipped, I rounded up my lads, and then added another friend, Amanda, now our secretary of the chapter. We went to the Leadership Institute retreat in Somerville, MA, and we learned more than I could believe. We returned to campus well equipped and ready to make a difference. Soon after, we held our first meeting which didn’t have that many visitors, but it was extremely productive. We shortly after had our first recruitment table which brought in enough signatures to get our interested members up to 20 and several others who just weren’t sure if they could come yet.

Now, we prepare to host an election night party with our college administration for all the students at Becker. We are going to use it to recruit even more members. We are also working on another project that cannot be mentioned yet, but I will keep you all posted. Either way, all is well here at Becker College.

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