Our first recruitment event at California State University-Fresno

At California State University in Fresno, it has been a slow and steady process but we finally got our YAL chapter recognized and had out first event on campus. This was designed to promote the chapter and explain what it was about. We had a good turnout and a lot of students were interested in learning about the club. Many are excited to get involved with the events we have planned this semester.



Next week we are planning on having a presentation from our academic adviser about his book called “The 1920’s” and also get a free speech board going across campus to promote free speech at our school. We are planning on getting the ball rolling and implementing a foundation so the chapter will be able to flourish for years to come.

The way we do this is getting involved in more campus events and do more promotional events on campus. We are looking forward to having more events on campus and spreading the message of liberty.

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