Our First Tabling Stint

On Friday, we tabled in our dining hall to give out the fresh YAL gear we got in the mail. Even though we had LOTS of Constitutions to peddle/offload, we were actually able to get rid of most of them. I was DEFNITIELY not expecting that. The “police business cards” that gave tips on how to talk to the po-po while knowing your rights in a police stop were hella popular; I guess the libertarian cause isn’t completely unpalatable to our largely leftist peers 🙂 We ran out of the cards barely half-way through our tabling time…maybe YAL should send more cards than Constitutions next time because they were really good for drawing people in! “Don’t let a cop’s bad day turn into your bad week!”


Also unexpected was the fact that we went from having only three members to having TWENTY people signed up by the end of the tabling session! Today we’re going to be rolling around our free speech ball, and I have a good feeling that we’ll get at least a little attention rolling that monstrosity around campus! 😉


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