Our Foreign Policy Needs Health Care

Although Democrats have made quite a big deal over the socialized mess dubbed “Obamacare”  and claimed it as a distinction between themselves and the neoconservatives, this showcase of glorified Keynesianism is nothing more than a distraction from the foreign policy mess that Obama refuses to acknowledge or clean up.

For the next few weeks, the media will aggrandize health care as the epitome of the Obama administration’s success but ignore the American occupation of Marjah and the inevitable strike on Kandahar. The United States is still waging two perpetual wars and we must not be swept away into believing that any “reform” can redeem a presidency which allows these atrocities to continue. 

Foreign policy and international relations are often two topics widely ignored or misunderstood by many Americans. ForeignPolicy.com’s Daniel Blumenthal wrote, “[Obama’s] preoccupation with his domestic agenda is deleterious in two ways… he cancelled a trip to Asia for the second time to deal with a crisis of his own making: health care… [and] the same commitment to a leftist agenda creates obstacles to an effective Asia policy.”

People seem to forget costs. The United States is currently $800 billion in debt to China as we borrow $4 billion per day to keep us away from the verge of extreme collapse. And while the Chinese yuan seems to be replacing the dollar, our government continues to find a need to spend our already devalued dollar away into oblivion with things like healthcare. 

…not to mention that giant programs like health care — while still outside the range of just government — might be more affordable if the two wars Obama is currently waging in the Middle East came to a close.  Or, wouldn’t it be nice to have all those troops working at home, producing capital instead?

Even if money was not of the issue, President Obama’s negligence in Asian politics is going to come at a costly price anyway, whether diplomats like it or not. China already warned the federal government about the health care bill, yet Obama chose to push for its success rather than taking into account diplomacy and international fiscal responsibility. 

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