Our Generation of War on ODU campus

Our Activism Table

Our Generation of War: Pin the Drone on the Warzone activism went very well here at Old Dominion University.  We set up the table and started around 12:15 P.M. and went to about 2:15 P.M.  at our student center known as the Webb Center.  Even while we were setting up the display people were coming up to our table expressing interest and wanting to sign up.  We had at least two people working at the table at once.  

New sign ups!

At one point we had four members working on talking to people and passing out pamphlets, cards, and pocket constitutions which we passed out to over a hundred and fifty students as they walked past.  Along with passing out pamphlets and information we also signed up 26 people to our email rosters who will also be given more information on future events on campus and events such as April Activism we will be having in about a week!


As we brought students to the table and talked with them, we had them pin the drone on the warzone, which was a big hit even for those who didn’t sign up.  It allowed for us to discuss with a lot of people about America’s failed foreign policy.  What most people found surprising was how much military bases the US had in the middle east and how much countries we had bombed and invaded over the past decade.   

Pin the Drone

We talked about other subjects besides foreign policy.  These included economic policy and our support of free markets.  We spoke on our stances on lowering taxes and getting government out of the way of economic decisions.  We also talked about  the libertarian stance on social policy especially when it came to civil liberties, personal freedom, and personal responsibility.  Along with the foreign policy focus of the activism we discussed things like indefinite detention, the patriot act,  etc.  

For the follow-up we are having a Happy Hour meeting at a local restaurant next to the university, and a general meeting on the campus where we are going to discuss what YAL is and how these new members can get involved.   All in all it was a great and productive day and we look forward to our next activism in April.  

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