Our Military Veterans

The brave men and women who put on the uniform of a United States Soldier must be well trained, well paid, and well prepared. Never again should they be used to fight wars for Corporate giants, the United Nations, or any other entity other than Congress; and only then through a Congressional Declaration of War. Never again should our government have the ability to create false flags (Vietnam war-gulf of Tonkin) to draw up support from the people to put our brave men and women in harms way. In the Iraq war alone we’ve lost over 4,000 soldiers; fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, grandfathers, cousins, friends, etc; only to find out later that our government lied to the American people; again.

Veterans of Iraq War
Veterans of Iraq War- IVAW.org

Jim Quinn, the Senior Director of Strategic Planning at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania said; “If as a country we continue to allow our politicians and their military industrial complex corporate sponsors to spend $700+ billion per year on weapons, to the detriment of higher education, alternative energy projects, and national infrastructure needs, we will be paying an extremely high price. We are in a classic guns or butter scenario.

The Bush Administration has decided to choose guns while borrowing from our grandchildren and the Chinese to pay for the butter. This can work for a while, but as deficits accumulate, the dollar plummets, and inflation rears its ugly head, our great country will decline as other empires who overstepped their bounds declined.”

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