Our #RestoreThe4th Event at the University of Cincinnati

To remind everyone of the egregious erosion of the fourth amendment and of our personal privacy in this country, our chapter decided to partake in the nation-wide YAL Activism event: #RestoreThe4th. This event took place on the 16th anniversary of the passage of the unconstitutional PATRIOT Act which has allowed the government to spy on citizens in absurd ways under the guise of being necessary for national security.

In order to demonstrate the ludicrous nature of this piece of legislation, some of our members dressed as NSA agents and issued fake “warrants” (flyers) to students on campus and told them about the various ridiculous ways they were spied on. Many students were repulsed by the superfluous spying and were also receptive to our pro-liberty message.

While some of our members, myself included, photographed and recorded the event, others were present at the table. They collected several membership sign-ups and e-mails and informed them further on our organization and future events. Thus, the event was a riveting success as we demonstrated to many students the zealous and repugnant nature of both the PATRIOT Act and surveillance in this country and garnered the interest of many for liberty and this great organization.



Gerritzen Meyer informing  student about the absurdity of the PATRIOT Act.
Drake Lundstrom handing a student a “Warrent”.
Charley Heintel conveying the ridiculousness of our surveillance programs to a fellow student.


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