Our Struggle

Sometimes, when I think about our role as students I ask myself; Should we ever rely on the success of another to push ourselves forward? Do we, if coming from a low-income family, or a family not willing to fund their child’s education, actually need government assistance? Do we as students need to steal from another in order to pay for our education? Is it right for us to do so? Is our struggle to be educated a more important cause than someone else’s struggle to accumulate wealth? Can we as students afford college? Are we as students able to secure loans for our education? Should these loans be subsidized or regulated by the government? Should Austrian Economics and the principles of capitalism be taken seriously on our campuses? Is this cause important enough for protest? Is affirmative action in our school system necessary? Is the way the federal government establishes financial independence when distributing funds in-line with a students actual situation? Should these funds be distributed in the first place? Should state budget deficits dictate admission? Should financially able students be admitted and non-financially able students be left out? And finally, a question that really just tickles my brain…. Is the true, unaltered, uninterupted, market value of attending a tertiary institute in-line with the true cost? Is college really THAT necessary in a market economy? I am reluctant to say that it is.

These questions are questions which affect students directly and are questions that many of us take for granted as answered. The establishment is misguided when it makes accommodation to produce moochers and altruists rather then movers and leaders. YAL is a movement for movers.

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