Our Times They Are A-Changing.

Liberty BellBob Dylan once sang, “The times they are a-changing.” Dylan’s song can be applied to our day and age. Unfortunately our times they are a-changing, but not in any particularly desired direction. 

Many of us have been anticipating the time when our ideas will be considered or even heard on the national stage. Over the past few decades, libertarian principles have been pushed to the side and not even considered. In fact, some people who identify themselves as libertarians, do so apathetically as a means of disassociation and as a “survival tool” from the “two greater evils” presented in the political arena. Now more and more people armed with the internet are now waking up to the problems with the two major parties; they’re opening up their eyes and ears for better ideas than the ones being presented in DC. 

Chris Stirewalt writes in The Examiner Online that libertarians can no longer dodge political wars, stating that libertarians are now “walking point” in the biggest ideological battle yet.   

The mere concept of questioning the omnipotence and omniscience of the almighty state in the past was seen by just about everyone as being absolutely preposterous. We observed thousands gather at the alter of the state protesting and crying for help; only for those very  people to see the persistence and perpetuation of their problems lead toward even more problems because of the government help.   

Whether it was the massive spending, deficits, constant war, or the absolute blatant corporatism, our movement all of a sudden has some momentum. Granted, libertarians have exactly taken over the government yet.   Nevertheless, the Misesian concept that government is essentially the negation of liberty seems to be catching on quite well. Of course there will be bumps in the road. But be not troubled, for we have the intellectual ammo and armor of liberty on our side. Our time will come, and we will be ready to rise to the occasion.  

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