Outreach Activism-Dordt College

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We had our first outreach event of the newly formed Dordt Chapter tonight. It went way better than expected as we had 14 new sign ups at a college that only has approximately 1500 students. We had a short quiz available on our table and one of the questions asked what their initial thoughts on libertarians and liberty were. Their responses were awesome to read, ranging from funny-“see Ron Swanson”, “Death to Communism”- to the well-thought articulate responses: “being able to do what you want without interference from another person or government”, “hands-off approach to government plus individual freedoms”, and “Freedom to choose or do whatever I like so long as it does not infringe on another’s rights”. It seems to me like there are a lot of liberty-lovers at Dordt. I’m excited to get the ball rolling, I’m energized by the people I met today, and I thought I would just take a few minutes to share that with all of you! #MakeLibertyWintabling

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