Overcoming Obstacles for the Deep Web Screening

At about 7:30, myself and another member of my chapter at The College of Saint Rose, met at a study room in the library with a laptop and snacks to get the screening started. But as the best laid plans go, our room was overbooked with another group still using it until after 8.

Once we finally got around to starting the film at about 8:20pm, we realized that we weren’t watching a silent film, but actually the sound on the laptop we were borrowing was broken. Of course, after exchanging that laptop with another, the second laptop refused to log on for any user.


By this point in time, it was about 8:30 and we had almost given up hope. However, I suggested that we head back to my dorm room and do the screening there. So, we used a much slower internet connection and watched 5 minutes of film at a time as it buffered. But this allowed for time to discuss current events and the train wreck of a debate that was on the night before. All in all, a good first event. 

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