I know I should not even concern myself with such trifles as political baiting…but I will anyway. 

After viewing many comments made concerning the firestorm around Rand Paul’s remarks about the Civil Rights Act, I can not help but to take a few steps back and rationalize the entire scope of the Red Herring presented by the Louisville paper and furthered by Rachel Maddow

Unfortunately it is not enough that these talking heads are nowhere close to completely understanding the philosophical rationale behind Rand’s comments; they also enter the discussion with their minds already made up with this equation:

Libertarian+objection to portion of Civil Rights Bill= Racist

“Libertarian? Well you are probably racist.”  Huh?

After a while one has to assume that these peons will eventually learn that their attacks are futile. The mentality toward government “benevolence” is actually in transition towards a more cynical view. But it seems as if many of those not in the media are no longer fooled by these ideas; and if anything, people now see the government has been the source of much of the civil rights violations.

However, many of the pundits now attacking the libertarian viewpoint on civil rights and private property as racist are in fact unprincipled statists, themselves supporting government policies which could be called racist themselves.  Consider, for instance, policies of blowing up innocent brown people overseas or stigmatizing drug laws.

Yet next to no one argues that liberals and conservatives are racists for supporting these policies.  Why?  Because they see that they are motivated by other ideologies.  So why is it so hard to understand that a libertarian might be motivated by something other than racism when defending property rights?  Indeed, this seems like a pretty easy matter to comprehend, for the point of libertarianism is to further freedom for all people.

Oxymoronic, anyone?

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