Every year, North Carolina State University hosts a large event called Packapalooza. This event attracts thousands of students and alumni to a nearby street for a day full of food, fun, and music. The NC State chapter of YAL attended this year and earned 27 sign-ups for our chapter mailing list. It was a very successful day.

Sign-ups aside, the tabling at this event was a lot of fun. The officers were able to meet many potential members as well as speak to many opponents of liberty. Making ourselves as public as a stand at this massive event, enabled us to attract and communicate with people all along the political spectrum. One man in a Che Guevara shirt explained to me how economic freedom meant taking away the ability of people to own certain things like factories. Despite what I think of this idea, I gave him my undivided attention and listened to what he had to say, not because I expect him to return the favor, but because it was an excellent opportunity to grow, which I would not have had without this event. Always be looking for chances to learn about people you disagree with!

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