Palin vs. Paul

Here’s an interesting article from Politico about the division of support among the Tea Party crowd. Personally, I am no fan of Sarah Palin and the hyper-evangelical social conservatives that tend to throw her their support. However, looking past the social side, these supporters will gladly throw support to the libertarian camp on fiscal issues. There seems to be a tendency within libertarian circles to remain very hostile to those who may have a difference of opinion and I think many political bridges have been burned unnecessarily because of this.

If we want to continue to grow our movement we must be willing to work with those who may not see eye to eye on every issue with us. While I disagree with many of the social conservative points of view, I would still contend that it remains vitally important to forge alliances with those individuals who can get behind us on bringing fiscal sanity back to an out of control federal government.

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