Pamela Romney Openshaw: How to Remain Free

How do we remain free? That is the question Pamela Romney Openshaw posed to a group of students at LDS Business College. On Thursday, October 13, 2016, Pamela Romney Openshaw visited the school to discuss the Constitution. Aside from being Mitt Romney’s cousin, Openshaw is well known as a defender of the inalienable rights promised in the Constitution and is the author of Promises of the Constitution: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Shortly after Openshaw posed her question, she determined that in order to remain free we must focus on three things: law, freedom, and morality. She described morality as knowing right from wrong and doing what is right. She explained, “Freedom and morality are intertwined and cannot be separated. If you separate them you lose them both.” It was clear that Openshaw believed that personal responsibility is necessary to a successful society free of bondage from a tyrannical government.

One might wonder how freedom and law can coexist. Openshaw simply explained that the purpose of law is to ensure that no one can take those inalienable rights away. The Constitution exists to preserve our rights so that no one can take them away.

Openshaw’s focus on morale and protecting our values that the Constitution is built upon was apparent. She defined freedom as a right, while liberty is the responsibility to use freedom appropriately. Naturally, the decisions that are made should not come from the federal government. Instead, decisions should come from the home which is the real heart of the nation.

The Young Americans for Liberty at LDS Business College feel so privileged to hear from Pamela Openshaw. Her passion and knowledge truly inspired us to be more diligent in protecting our Constitution.

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