Passage of Paul-Grayson Amendment is Epic Victory for Liberty

Glenn Greenwald has a great take on the passage of the Paul-Grayson Amendment reviving HR1207.

I have to admit I was rather cynical when the state-friendly Mel Watt version was passed. I thought HR1207 was history, as I’m sure many of you did.


It is not hyperbole, then, for Greenwald to say:

“A congressionally mandated audit that The Fed (and much of the DC establishment) desperately oppose would be a serious step towards changing the dynamic of how things function. At the very least, it would provide an important template for defeating the interests which, in Washington, almost never lose. At least yesterday, those interests did lose — resoundingly — and the importance of that should not be overlooked.

Legislatively, this is the most incredible thing I’ve ever witnessed. Think of all the phony “anti-war,” “anti-spending,” and “anti-government” half measures that have been passed off as libertarian or anti-establishment over the years. Paul, Grayson, and an army of college kids, rural grandmas, “good-old boys,” free-thinking yuppies, free-thinking urbanites, “Age-of-Aquarias”-type leftists, and other regular Americans have taken the most secretive, powerful, anti-citizen rip-off in the whole state apparatus and wiped the floor with it. It took hard work and political pressure, but politicians do respond to impassioned public will. If a sizable and ardent amount of citizens support a policy, chances are their Congressman will end up supporting it too.

Neither the importance of this victory, nor the need to keep fighting, should be overlooked. Keep up the pressure to audit the fed! Call your Congressman. As much of a creep as he may be, he is interested in keeping his job and will respond to public pressure.

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