Patriots vs. PATRIOT Act

On Thursday, November 26, the Patriots of University of the Cumberlands YAL chapter suited up to invade students’ privacy. Joining Young Americans for Liberty chapters around the nation, UC YAL took part in #RestoreThe4th, protesting the unconstitutional elements of the PATRIOT Act, as well as other government spying projects.

YALers at Cumberlands dressed up in suits, sunglasses, and earpieces, and detained passing students for “suspicious activity” ranging from walking too fast or avoiding eye contact to the color of their shirt. Once stopped, the students were asked to turn over their phone or backpack for searching. The conversations sparked by these surprise encounters were exciting, and Cumberlands students were interested and engaged–despite nearly all having encountered YAL activism already this semester.

Patriot students were encouraged to place their opinions of government surveillance on the poster provided in the #RestoreThe4th activism kit. Through this combination of showmanship, engagement, and education, UC YAL was able to garner over 20 more sign ups and invite new members to the informational meeting that evening. At the meeting, President JP Kirby led a presentation providing specific information and impact of the PATRIOT Act, and presented YAL’s message of Liberty with the attendees, leading to a dues-paying addition in the spot.

YAL at the University of the Cumberlands has become a well-oiled machine, primed to spread the message and mission of freedom on its own campus and others. The torch burns bright in Kentucky, and UC YAL stands continually ready to #MakeLibertyWin.


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