Paul in Dead Heat With Obama in New Poll

Imagine my shock when I went to Drudge Report this morning to find a link to a Rasmussen poll labeled “Barack Obama- 42%   Ron Paul- 41%.” 

This just goes to show the growing influence of the liberty movement. We still have quite an uphill climb ahead of us, but Paul likely wouldn’t have even been included in a poll like this going into the 2008 election.

A few other notes about the poll:

  • 21% think Paul is a divisive force in the Republican party
  • 34% think he is representative of a new direction for the party
  • 32% didn’t know enough about Paul to have an opinion on him
  • 26% of GOP voters believe that Paul shares the values of most Republican voters

Note:  YAL does not support or oppose any candidates for office.

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