Paul Mulshine hits the nail squarely on the head…

As a native of the great state of New Jersey, I have long since appreciated the writing of a biting conservative columnist of ours, Paul Mulshine. Recently, he has highlighted the GOP’s sudden return to principles strikingly similar to those held by — you guessed it — Ron Paul now that they are out of power and have nothing left to fall back on. In his current article, “Throw Hannity in the Harbor,” Mulshine argues:

Conservatives now agree that Paul was remarkably prescient in his prediction of the economic collapse of the big-government monstrosity built up by big-government advocates of both major parites. Yet when he first surfaced as a candidate, Hannity was his most strident critic. Hannity was amazed to learn from Paul that conservatives in America have always been opposed to the sort of liberal internationalist nation-building exercise that the Bush administration undertook in Iraq. How he missed that is a mystery, since Bush himself campaigned against nation-building in 2000…

On a more serious note, I have to say that Bush so thoroughly squandered the credibility of Republicans on economic policy that the GOP may not get it back in a decade. What person at one of these tea parties would trust the next Republican running for president?

Unless his name is Ron Paul.

I’d suggest reading Mulshine regularly as an excellent source of smart, if bitter, political commentary. In the mean time, however, you can read the rest here.

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