Paul/Hughley 2012?

Just kidding….but it is interesting to watch this interview and see the libertarian streak that resides within most Americans come out of Hughley as he and Dr. Paul discuss a variety of issues ranging from the economy to foreign policy to the Civil War and freeing the slaves.

One of my very few criticisms of Dr. Paul has been that he is not the most articulate person to lead a national political movement – something he has readily acknowledged himself.  I am always fearful that something he says in an interview will get misconstrued by a mainstream media that just does not understand anything not offered to them by a more articulate, charismatic salesman.  Dr. Paul has long said that he may not be the right person to be out front of a movement because he lacks the skills of, say……Obama – the difference is that Dr. Paul has ideas and principles.  I also like how he said Obama’s goals of helping the “little guy” and achieving peace are noble, but his means of reaching those goals are where he parts ways with him – that is something I believe as well, but from a political standpoint it is very smart not to disparage a popular politician to get your point across and that came through in this interview.  I think this is the best interview he has given as far as being a combination of good policy and good salesmanship, and with Hughley having a young demographic it will help bring more young people into the fold.

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