Pay Attention: This Wins Elections!

michele bachmannAmericans LOVE this about Michele Bachmann:

To understand why presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has surged in Iowa, watch when she is handed a baby. On a recent stop here, she took off her bracelet, dangled it before the infant and cradled him while he teethed on the pearls.

During another campaign appearance, Ms. Bachmann climbed down from the stage to take the hands of a woman who asked a question, holding them as she answered. Meeting a teenager with Down syndrome, the Minnesota congresswoman swept him up in a hug, then signed his T-shirt.

Americans are very warm people. We eat this stuff up like a college student eats undercooked ramen noodles. If you want another example, take a very close look at the difference between Bush (Sr.) and Bill Clinton when they answer this woman’s question during a presidential debate:

Note within the first five seconds of the video, George Bush is checking his watch while the lady is beginning to ask her question. Throughout his answer, he rambles, looks around nervously, and then condescendingly lectures the questioner. He appears cold, disinterested, and uncaring.

Then observe the incredible contrast Bill Clinton makes with his answer. He walks up as close as he can to the questioner, looks her in the eyes and asks her to repeat how she’s personally been affected by the issue she raises. Maintaining perfect eye contact and really talking to her like a human being, Clinton explains how he’s also been affected by it and how he would specifically work to change it as president.

THIS is how you win elections because it’s how you win hearts and minds. Those of you working in the Year of Youth project as office seekers yourselves or as campaign staff, do not forget this lesson. This is why Bill Clinton and Michele Bachmann are so popular with their respective supporters. This is why they are so irresistible, so attractive, so charming, so “electable” regardless of their actual records.

Those of you who want to capture hearts and minds on your campuses and spread the message of liberty through education: do not forget this lesson. Do not answer questions like Bush did. Do not appear distracted and disinterested. Do not be condescending and do not give a cold, reptilian answer. Be a warm-blooded human being like Clinton was when he gave his answer.

When at major public events speaking to people, be like Michele Bachmann. Make sure that whatever mistakes they might make about your philosophy, whatever disagreement they might have about your politics, that absolutely no one can mistake the deep well of genuine love you have in your heart for them as fellow Americans and as fellow human beings.

Liberty without love is like a torch without the flame.

(And I suppose that means love without liberty is like a flame without a torch to contain it — a raging forest fire destroying every living thing it touches with the fiery destruction of all those loving statists’ good intentions.)

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