Peace Rally Was a Success at CSU

The YAL members at Cleveland State University held a peace rally on November 26th in the Student Center. It was a great success and was even covered by the student newspaper The Cauldron.


We wanted to bring awareness to students on our interventionist foreign policy. We played an interactive game of pin the drone on the warzone. Many students were surprised to learn just how many countries just in the past decade the U.S. had invaded, dropped a bomb on or had a military base in.


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We didn’t stop there. We also held up signs that promoted peace, love and wisdom. Some of the quotes were from great people such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Einstein. We also played music from John Lennon, Edwin Starr, Bob Marley and MJ.

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Little did we know but the same day we were having our peace rally was the same day that the Marines were trying to recruit people to join just down the room from where we were. It seemed strange but that didn’t stop us from playing Edwin Starr’s famous song: “War what is it good for? Absolutely NOTHING!!” It seemed as though more people were interested in our table.

recruitment table

We couldn’t just stop with showing students a map of the world, holding signs and playing music that promoted peace. We wanted to ask both old and young alike what their thoughts were on our foreign policy.

Here is some of what those people said (watch the full video here):

“I don’t know why America thinks it can tell everyone else in the world what to do…I think America needs to be more accepting of other people’s ideals and policies and politics and work together with them instead of being a big bully.”

“I think we are spending way too much money, sending way too many people in harms way…lets spend the trillions of dollars we are spending every year on the military here to improve our own problems domestically.”

“Terrorism is not going to be the downfall of the United States, our foreign policy is going to be the downfall of the United States.”

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