Pelosi (after Almost a Year and a Half) Finally Defies Obama

npElection season is almost here. She’s talking the talk again.

After a year and a half of Barack Obama in office, Nancy Pelosi finally defies Obama (I smell a rat). On Thursday, Speaker Pelosi dared to defy a veto threat by President Obama on war spending in Afghanistan. Her amendment would have required the president to provide Congress a new intelligence report on Afghanistan by January and a plan to start bringing the troops home sometime by July 2011.

Pelosi’s office also released a statement, stating:

Our men and women in uniform continue to perform heroically in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world, and it is critical that Congress has the most up-to-date information as we debate policies that impact our soldiers, their families and our national security.

Minus all this political drama, the House still passed a $37 million in war money.

 Though I — and I am sure many others — do laud her attempt to slow down (or even stop) this mess in Afghanistan, there is no doubt that Pelosi is just playing politics. After all, it is merely during  election season when our representatives act like good, angelic little boys and girls and actually take some consideration to what the people are saying. It’s only during election season that they sort of change their rhetoric to depict themselves as rebels (or mavericks) to the goliath Washington establishment.

If Nancy Pelosi was serious about ending both conflicts, she would have voiced her reason and defy the continuing war spending that has been occuring since Obama took office, and even when she and the Democrats won both the House and the Senate way back in November, 2006. Someone please remind these people of accountability.

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