Penn State Incarceration Nation

On Thursday April 2, our chapter at Pennsylvania State University hosted an Incarceration Nation event. We put some hard work into creating the jail cell the week before and prepared our game plan.




We set up shop in the HUB-Robeson Center, which is the student union building on campus; this location is ideal because it is the center of student activity during the day. Our efforts in the morning were sub-par, but as the day went on we adapted and were able to call this event a success.



We gathered interest from students and faculty all over the political spectrum and were able to convey our message in what we think was an effective manner. Out Ron Paul cut out made its debut and was a hit as many people walking by gave us a thumbs-up and some positive remarks about the doctor. We had many people enthusiastic about learning more on the issue at hand, as well as other libertarian issues.


Many people took our literature and took pictures behind bars. We are happy with garnering almost 20 sign-ups! We were even able to meet a local who has been involved in the Ron Paul meet-ups since 2007. Overall the day was a success and we are looking forward to future events.



Speaking of the future, we are in the process of planning our follow-up event, which will be a screening of the Academy Award-winning documentary about Edward Snowden, Citizenfour.

For liberty,

Penn State YAL

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