Penn State YAL at the Student Involvement Fair

This year is a huge year for liberty since the election is polarizing the electorate. Now, libertarian candidates are covered by the mainstream media, and people pay more attention to libertarian politics. Obviously this libertarian moment was started when Ron Paul joined the Republican presidential primary in 2008. Although Penn State YAL had difficult time recruiting members for last few years, this year is different. People’s dissatisfaction from both Hillary and Trump is making people to turn their attention to different ideologies, and this helped Penn State YAL to promote libertarianism. Before the involvement fair, we thought that approximately 60 people would sign up for YAL, but were able to sign up over 120 people.

What was our strategy? We mainly focused on people who have hard time defining their ideology. We told them that America does not only have two groups on the political spectrum, but that libertarianism was also a group. For those who are curious about libertarian philosophy, we gave them flyer that explains briefly the ideas of liberty. We also mentioned Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Milton Friedman, and Frederick Hayek in order to get people’s attention. There were people who support Gary Johnson and Ron Paul without realizing that they are libertarians. 

It is quite surprising that over 120 people were willing to sign up for the liberty movement. I think this clearly shows that college students desperately want back their liberties, which were taken from them by the government. Penn State YAL is planning to have its first general meeting during the first or second week of September.

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