Penn State YAL Spring 2015

Our chapter here at Pennsylvania State University is a small but growing force on campus. With a large student body, we believe we are just a few steps away from growing our group exponentially.

Free Speech Wall

YALs “Incarceration Nation” initiative might just be the catalyst to major growth in the liberty movement on campus. We are mobilizing our members in preparation for this event, as we are more than excited to get going. We are looking to cooperate with other clubs on campus in order to expand our message.

We are preparing events for the end of this semester, such as a follow up event for “Incarceration Nation” which includes a speaker, as well as a documentary screening. We’d like to end the semester strong so we can hit the ground running next fall.

We are always looking for opportunities for members to experience the liberty movement in action; so we took a trip to CPAC this past February. We fully expect more opportunities like this on the horizon.

Rand Paul CPAC

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