Penn Staters Speak Their Minds During Constitution Week

Constitution Week was a couple of weeks ago and Penn State YAL decided we would celebrate our freedoms with a Free Speech Wall.  The wall was a hit!

Table Filled with Goodies to Give Out

After setting up our table and wall in the chilly early morning we handed out pocket Constitutions (because, seriously, why wouldn’t you need one handy at all times?) to students between classes and got many to come over to write on our wall.  We got interest from non-students too.  

People Viewing the Free Speech Wall

By the end of the day the wall was a myriad of colorful writing covering the layer of white that we started with.

Our Vibrant Wall

Vice-President Matt Antle with Members of Penn State YAL

There were all sorts of opinions on the wall: from support for Obama to support for Romney to support for Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, even nonpolitical, funny writing was on the wall. All in all the event was a success, allowing the students at Penn State to speak their mind in an unfiltered medium giving a true representation of what our First Amendment really is and means. 

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