Persistence Paying Off at California State University at Chico

The persistence of my YAL chapter never ceases to amaze me. Last week, we tabled for our Spring Club Fair, we had to overcome many obstacles and learn lots of new lessons, but my members were quick on their feet and open to suggestions, and most of all, they clearly exhibited their passion for spreading the principles of liberty.

For starters, the structure of the club fair was horrible, set at a weird time on a really windy day and in an awkward spot with little to no foot traffic. Despite these setbacks, our chapter still tabled with as much enthusiasm as ever, using the fun little political quizzes in the Spring Membership Drive to help people figure out where they’re at politically. Besides external factors, our chapter is also in a learning process of figuring out how to pitch the sale of liberty. All these hardships notwithstanding, YAL had a good week and next time we’re prepared to come back and better than ever with a hard-hitting fire for the principles of liberty! 

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