Philosophy of War by Alan Watts

Although Alan Watts is no longer with us in the flesh, he is still with us in the written and Alan Wattsrecorded word. If you have never listened to his thoughts on war, I suggest you take a few minutes and have a listen. You can hear the Mp3 by clicking here.

Here are few excerpts:

“…it might not be wise strategy to obliterate you enemy…”

“…you have to think beyond the narrow sphere of war into the wider sphere of politics and economics. What do you expect to achieve out of all of this?”

“…Afterwards, do you want to rule these people? Or do you want them to rule themselves? Do you want the responsibility of feeding them? If you blow the place to bits, then you have to rehibilitate it.”

“…When you think all this through…and you see what’s involved in the long run, then you may say it’s not worth a war…”

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