Pin the Drone on the War Zone at Elon

On Friday, November 6, Young Americans for Liberty at Elon University gave a visual wake-up call to anyone unsure of just how over-extended our foreign policy is. 


The event was “Pin the Drone on the War Zone,” which is similar to pin the tail on the donkey, except the donkey is replaced by a map of the Middle East/North Africa, and the tail is replaced by a mini drone.


Anyone passing by the table was invited to take a drone and stick it anywhere on the map while blindfolded. Depending on the country they landed on, they were then told whether we have invaded it, bombed it, or have a military base there (or all three!) It was pretty easy to “win,” considering we have had some involvement in most of the countries. People were shocked to hear that we have military bases in countries they’ve never even heard of, like Tajikistan.


In addition to the drone game, Decade of War quizzes were at the table for anyone wishing to test their knowledge of US foreign policy. It was news for everyone that the war in Afghanistan costs American tax-payers $300 million a day, or that the PATRIOT ACT has only expanded, continuing unconstitutional surveillance on American citizens. 


Not only did the event help to spread the message that we should stop these unconstitutional, unaffordable, and immoral wars in the region, but it brought in new students interested in joining YAL at Elon to keep discussing the philosophy of liberty. Students were drawn in with the free books, brownies, and Vietnam War music, but they stayed for the intellectual conversations about how our government acts in the international arena and whether we should be okay with it. This event definitely motivated people to get involved in the liberty movement and to not so easily accept certain acts of our government that typically go un-questioned.

drone map

YAL at Elon looks forward to the next event promoting liberty. 

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