Pints and Politics: Encouraging Civic Involvement

During K Week, UK’s freshman orientation week, UK YAL wanted a way to bring new students of all political affiliations together in order to encourage involvement in the civil process.  We worked with a multitude of student organizations, including student government, in order to ensure a successful event with high attendance. 

Students were able to discuss ideas openly

We decided to host a political mixer which we titled Pints and Politics on the third floor of a popular tavern by campus.  We were able to provide free food for all attendees, and free beer and wine for those over 21.  Along with live music, we had our tabling materials set up throughout the room including Operation Politically Homeless.  In addition to college students, we had several political strategists in attendance.  

We had sliders, beer cheese, wings, and beef minis, as well as a keg a Kentucky Ale and two boxes of wine 

The event was a huge success. We had more than 60 students in attendance and over 40 sign ups for our chapter.  Students were able to meet leaders of different political organizations and their members, and find ways to get involved on campus.  Overall the event was beneficial for all groups involved, and we plan to have a similar event in the spring. 

Our table was set up as you entered the door to the event

In addition to food and drinks, we also had live music

Operation politically homeless was very popular

Leaders in several political organizations were able to meet in a neutral environment and discuss their plans for the semester

End of the night

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