Pioneers Love Free Speech, Promote First Amendment at Free Speech Ball

Here at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville, our first major activism event went off without a hitch! We rolled out our 9″ tall beach ball, and invited everyone to use their right of free speech to write whatever they wanted on the ball. Initially people were hesitant, especially because it was raining earlier that morning and the ball was a little damp, but soon the sun came out, and with it more people than we ever though would stop by and sign it.

We got a lot of people interested, made an extremely positive impression on campus, and even the campus police were in support of us. Even faculty and professors wrote on the ball. In total, we got three people who did not know about us on campus before, and were 100% interested and intent on joining us. It may not sound like a lot, but with them joining, our chapter here at UWP has now more than tripled in size since we restarted it last semester! We keep pushing the bar upwards here on campus.

One last note is how many people were actually against the two party system. Our ball by the end was covered with a lot of “F*ck Trump” and “Hillary for prison” writings. Unlike what the media reports, college kids and our nation’s youth do want change in D.C. They are on our side. We can achieve anything we set our minds to now.

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