Our team is actively working on developing a well-designed, functional, and organized news source that places emphasis on liberty minded readers and activists on campus. We have young people from around the country working on and contributing to this cause. We will not let liberty down. This is the time to get excited, the time is now. Currently while this site is being constructed we will use this simple blog to post news items, updates and gather suggestions related the direction of this movement. Steadfast in this movement are a firm leadership, comradely and teamwork driven by each of our individual passions to witness the success of liberty. Here is a Sneak Peak at SOME OF THE features that will promise the online growth and prosperity of our movement:

  • The ability for a member to post blogs, links, and videos. (This means that anyone excited about a current event or issue can share his/her thoughts and have their blog peer-reviewed!)
  • The ability to vote and comment on blogs, videos, and Digg style news-links.
  • A highly active news feed where up-to-date and relevant news, and quality articles are submitted by gurus in the field of liberty. All of these news articles will be viraly promoted via users through social networks and news feeds with ease and simplicity of the click of a button.
  • Your Own profile. This is not exclusive to a profile picture. Mail, Friends, Wall… you know the routine.

The ability for these features to take root will be emphasized directly in the involvement of the community. This site will be built with an inherent ability to expand and the framework used will allow the constant addition and optimization of features both graphically and functionally.

Check back for updates! We will be updating our blog daily throughout the next month.

I can not stress enough how important it is that a fully functional, all inclusive website for freedom minded persons is needed. We are working our hardest to get this done. We are hiring a staff of skilled programmers, designers, and young professionals and we are asking for help from the freedom community to ensure our success. Please consider a donation to this awesome movement and we will work tirelessly to ensure success.

Site Launch: Early January. Get Ready.

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