Police brutality awareness event with YAL at Millersville

On October 27, Young Americans for Liberty at Millersville University held an activism event to bring awareness to police brutality, leading to much attention on campus including coverage in our school’s newspaper!


YAL members gathered four times through out the school day in high traffic areas on campus. In groups of three, we had one person lay on the ground as a body, one person trace the body with chalk, and one person hand out pamphlets on police brutality that we received from the Cato Institute. Inside of each of the body outlines we wrote the name of an American who was killed in a police brutality incident. 


We were able to put body outlines all over our campus, including in front of our Student Memorial Center, our Library, and in the middle of walkways and intersections. Sophomores Adam Wallick and Derek Lehn bravely went out into the busiest intersection on campus for activism. Adam quickly outlined Derek’s body, which drew looks of curiosity from students!


Our event caused quite a bit of chatter on campus. We quickly realized that students were gawking from afar and were taking pictures of our activism. We even heard about our event on the social media platform YikYak. That week, the article was written in our school newspaper, The Snapper, about our event!


In the evening, we held a special meeting talking about police brutality and ways to curb it. We are looking forward to having Chris Monko from West Chester University come speak with our chapter about knowing your rights with police officers in the spring!

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