Policy Debate featuring Auburn YAL, College Democrats, and College Republicans

Recently, the Auburn YAL chapter collaborated with the other influential political groups on campus to host an inclusive debate, with each group having an opportunity to state its view of various Auburn campus policies.

This event was a tremendous success, with attendance far-exceeding the turnout of previous years. Alongside Troy Beckham and Daniel Bond of Auburn YAL were Neema Ashou and Emily Hale of the Auburn College Democrats and Branden Belser and Jake Baker of the Auburn College Republicans. Members of Auburn’s resident student-media outlet, Eagle Eye TV, were also on-site to document and live-stream the event on their website.

Beginning at 7:00, the discourse began. The questions asked covered a variety of concerns centered around three central topics: gun rights on campus, government subsidized student loans, and the university’s role in combating rape culture. These questions led to some excellent discussions and provided a sense of insight into the thinking behind each group’s positions.

Overall, the debate provided a positive experience for all those involved and an opportunity to show that even now, in this age of constant political animosity, individuals with completely different worldviews can still come together for a civil exchange of ideas.

If you would like to read more about this event, you can check out this article by The Plainsman about it here: http://www.theplainsman.com/article/2016/10/political-organizations-debate

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