Political Correctness Police Descend on Kent State

YAL Police Donuts

It’s a tough beat on the cold, hard campus sidewalks. So many offensive Cleveland Indians t-shirts and unacknowledged privileges to check. The lonely, difficult duty of the honorable PC Policeman (sorry, police-person) is never done.

Of course, I kid. Though, last Friday, Young Americans for Liberty at Kent State University DID partner with Turning Point USA at Kent State University to issue hundreds of “Trigger Citations” for perceived “violations” of political correctness to Kent State students. Donning comically bad Halloween-style police uniform, plastic badges, silver whistles, and fake mustaches the chapters chased down violators of our peers delicate sensibilities to defend whatever groups we deemed may be offended. We issued “citations” for every imaginable made-up violation from Chief Wahoo hats and floral print backpacks to carrying an umbrella and some Starbucks coffee. We took every ridiculous argument we’ve ever heard against individuals’ supposed transgressions against others and turned them upside down. We even told students that their very existence is offensive to some groups, so they were better off staying at home as not too disturb them! The satirical display poked fun at the most extreme forms of censorship, attempting to make every form of free expression a chargeable offensive.

Our event was well perceived by the student body, with lots of laughs and very little conflict except a few individuals who thought our charges were serious! On-campus student media conducted interviews and took pictures. The posts, videos, and pictures have tens of thousands of views, comments, and re-tweets on social media.

Our group of hard-working, dedicated PC Police Officers finished the long shift of political correctness enforcement over donuts. Cheers to a job well done for free expression!

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