Political Debate hosted by YAL @ UW-Whitewater

Last Wednesday, Young Americans for Liberty at UW-Whitewater hosted a political debate between our school’s College Democrats, College Republicans, and our YAL chapter.

Debate 2

Our chapter had always wanted to do a debate, and we decided now was the time. It took a lot of work to finally get it all together. The republicans said they’ve been trying to do an event like this for awhile, but it never came to fruition. I guess all it took was an organization like YAL to bring them together.

Debate 3

Planning the debate took almost two months, this included renting out a theatre and many planning meetings between the YAL, the Republicans, and the Democrats, which was always interesting (and sometimes frustrating). But it was great to see all three of the organizations work together to achieve a common goal.


The debate featured two or three members from each of the organizations and was moderated by the chief editor of our school’s newspaper. He did an excellent job. The debate was structured with an hour and a half for predetermined questions, where all three of our groups came up with a list of questions to be asked during the debate.

Each group had up to three minutes to answer the question and a two minute rebuttal if desired. Topics included were the state budget, foreign policy, gun control, Right to Work legislation, environmental policy, the tax code, and campaign finance. The second part of the debate (half an hour) was designated for audience questions.

The audience questions were very popular, they’re wasn’t even enough time to go through all the questions. We allowed only two minutes for a response with no rebuttals in this portion.

The feedback we got from the debate afterwards was excellent. People said it was very interesting, kept their attention, and that they learned a lot. This debate was an superb platform to raise awareness of liberty and our organization and to show people there’s more than just the Republicans and Democrats.

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